Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crystal Pepsi

Who could ever forget the famous Crystal Pepsi commercial during the 1993 Super Bowl featuring the song “Right Now” by Van Halen? Thanks to YouTube, I have provided a link in case you needed a little refresher. Does this bring back some memories? At the time, Pepsi was aggressively targeting consumers who embraced a healthier diet and lifestyle with this caffeine-free cola alternative. Similar to how car manufacturers are now targeting the “green” market segment with their ads touting fuel efficiency and clean energy, Pepsi marketed Crystal Pepsi as a pure, healthy version of cola. However, Pepsi’s biggest challenge was that it was marketing a contradictory product, “clear cola.” Cola drinkers were not comfortable with this new clear, decaffeinated version, while consumers who preferred colorless soft drinks (Sprite, 7 Up, etc.) were not a fan of the cola taste which Pepsi Clear still had. This was an example of Pepsi targeting a niche market that did not exit. Like our previous two soft drinks, sales of Crystal Pepsi quickly plummeted and Pepsi made the decision to pull the product from the shelf.

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  1. The product was pulled as soon as lawsuits began.They Pepsi Cola Inc and B.B.D.O franchise stole my art work.The product captured 2% of total market sales.