Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Up - Clearly Canadian

As a kid growing up in Maine, there was nothing better on a hot, sweltering day (65 degrees) at the local Little League field than a bottle of peach flavored Clearly Canadian while warming the bench. Does anyone else remember this tasty concoction? I can still taste the gentle mist and smell the fruity aroma that emanated from the bottle upon opening. It seemed as though the crisply refreshing soft drink was available at every gas station in the entire state.

So what happened? Clearly Canadian's intensive distribution strategy led to a surplus of supply relative to the markets demand. In the US, they clearly (pun intended) overestimated the demand for their product. In addition, Clearly Canadian priced itself higher than most soft drinks which weakened its competitive advantage. The brand may have benefited from a more selective distribution method and a more concentrated advertising campaign which targeted kids. When it all comes down to it, not enough Americans were buying the fizzy, fruity soft drinks that were on every convenience store shelf.

That said, I am pleased to report that this product is still widely available in Canada. In fact, you and I can stop reminiscing and actually purchase your childhood refreshment at


  1. Hey.....I've never had C Canadian and voted accordingly!! I think that the Fridge Magnet feature is really cool. I think the Blog looks great! Good luck at BU and specifically in this course. Best, Matt

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Matt. I took the Fridge Magnet down because it was too large for my sidebar. I tried resizing it but was unsuccesful.

  3. Clearly is still theeee champ...and still kicking -->

  4. Clearly Canadian is making a comeback!
    Re-launching original formulas in glass bottles via a fan-led campaign to bring back into production.
    We can make it happen!

  5. The Clearly Canadian Revival Campagin ends this Monday May the 4th tell everyone!!!