Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fruit Stripe Gum

Now here’s a video that reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons. Fruit Stripe gum used to be everywhere and typically a checkout aisle favorite for most kids in the 90’s. It featured colorful zebra stripes on the sticks of gum and offered the most artificial tasting gum in the world. But kids loved it! The major downfall of this sugary delight was its ephemeral taste. As the marketplace for gum became much more competitive in the new millennium, only long lasting gums maintained their market share. Fruit Stripe has sadly fallen victim to fierce competition within the chewing gum marketplace. Their lack of product improvement led to their inability to compete with the everlasting flavors that consumers demand today. Still there is no reason to cry because according to my research, Fruit Stripe gum is still sporadically available. So keep your eye out for Yipes the Zebra.

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